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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Smoke Free

From 8th May 2017, HMP Nottingham will become a smoke free zone.

Visitors are advised that a designated smoking area has been located just before the visitors car park.
Smoking outside the Visitors' Centre or anywhere else on the prison grounds is no longer acceptable and any visitor who is found to be smoking anywhere other than the designated smoking area will be banned from the establishment by order of Governor Tom Wheatley.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New Visitor Chat

We are pleased to add a new chat box to our site.  We hope that visitors to our site will be able to use this to communicate and support one another.

There will also be occasions when a member of the Pact team will be online to join the chat to answer any immediate questions you may have.  When you see the Pact logo next to Pactchat you will know that this is a member of staff.

To use the chat box just either sign in using the buttons at the bottom of the chat box, either through Facebook or as a guest.

If you are using a mobile device you can still use the chat box by selecting the view web version option on your page.

To enlarge the chat box, simply click on the pop out box at the bottom of the chat box to the right.  This will open the chat box in a separate, larger window.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

What would you like to see

Our blog site is all about giving you as much information as possible to make your visit as easy and stress free as possible. We have more than two years of experience of answering your questions so we think we have a good idea about the kinds of things you need to know, but we always welcome ideas and suggestions.


Do you want to know more about benefits?

How about some information on what to do when your partner is released?

Are you concerned about a friend or family members drug or alcohol consumption?


If you have any ideas or would like information on any subject to be included in our blog site - just let us know by posting a comment on our Comments, Questions and Suggestions page.  Click here to go straight to that page.



Monday, 9 April 2012

Family Visits

Family Visits occur on a regular basis, usually within the school holidays.  Family Visits dates are displayed within the Visitors' centre.  They usually take place from 9.15am - 11.15am and 2.15pm - 4.15pm. It is the prisoners responsibility to apply for a family visit. Once approved you will be notified.
Family visits offer a more child focused visiting experience. Usual restrictions of sitting at tables with little contact do not occur and fathers are encouraged to play and engage with their children.

Family Visits are an additional visit over and above a prisoners normal entitlement. You do not need to book the visit as it will be booked for you if the prisoners application has been approved. You do not need a visiting order for a family visit but you will have to bring the usual identification with you.

How does it work?

Prisoners must submit a Family Visits application form with the name, address and contact telephone number of the main carer together with the names and dates of birth of the children who are to attend.  Family Visits application forms can be found on all wings and should not be confused with general application forms.  Only the dedicated Family Visits application form can be accepted, general application forms are directed to a diferent department and will not be processed for this purpose.
The application form is then processed by the security and public protection departments within the prison.  Once clearance has been authorised the visit will be booked onto the system and a member of the prison team notify the prisoner so that he can inform you of the date and time of the visit and who the visit is for.
Unlike other visits, a family visit is one of privilege.  It is an extra visit awarded to prisoners and does not require a visiting order to attend.  Visitors do not need to book the visit as this is automatically done when the visit has been approved.
As with all visits, visitors must still adhere to prison rules and regulations regarding producing the correct identification, dress codes and prohibited items however the visit itself is much more relaxed than normal visits with tables and chairs moved to the side of the room and games, activities and a buffet all provided to encourage family bonding.
Only one adult (the parent or direct carer) plus children can attend a family visit.
If you feel that you and your children would benefit from attending a family visit please speak to your loved one in prison to ensure they are familiar with the procedure for applying to attend.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The Prison Advice and Care Trust (pact) is a charitable organisation operating in many Visitors Centres around England.  We are not employed by any prisons and we run our centres with staff and volunteers who offer advice, information and support to the friends and families of offenders.
This blog is designed to keep our visitors informed as to any events taking place within the visitors centre and to provide as much information as possible regarding anything and everything connected with visiting HMP Nottingham.
If you find that there is information which you would like to see on our blog site please either post a comment or email us at
You can also contact our staff on 0115 9628980.